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40 Stall Boumatic/Blom Internal Rotary

$1.00 (USD)

  • Posted 06/04/19

Selling 1 complete 40 Stall Internal Rotary Barn. It is produced by Blom and distributed by Boumatic. All parts are brand new and still wrapped on pallets.
We are a Boumatic dealer, and have assembled a barn identical to this one fairly recently. Pictures of the completed barn are shown to demonstrate the finished product.

This barn is designed so that you stand in the middle of the circle, and the cows are on a moving rotational platform around you. The cows enter the platform and stand at an angle to the inner circle, and can be milked between the back legs (parallel style) or from the side (herringbone style). When finished, the cows simply walk straight off the platform and another cow takes her place.

All tubing/pipe (vacuum line/washline/milk line) is included. None of the milking equipment (detachers, pulsators, claws, milk pump, receiver) is included, as there are options on those parts, and they are not specific to the rotary package.

Price to be negotiated.
If interested, or if you'd like any more information, email or call (209)-745-0500

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